It is 24th of April 2014 and I am sitting in an amphitheatre in the Insead campus in Fontainbleau with 35 other students from all over the world starting my 18-month journey on a Masters Degree in Consulting and Coaching for Change. In front of us is Manfred Kets de Vries – the architect of the course and prolific writer and speaker on Leadership. He gave us a whirlwind tour of his vast experience in both research and practice of leadership coaching. That day on page one of my notebook I wrote this diagram:

My notes reflect that Manfred presented this as the three basic things that we all need in place in order to make organisational life productive. This seemingly simple concept had a big impact on my thinking about leadership and transformation and how investment in these are turned into reality. It allowed me to see what I had intuitively known through a new, clearer lens. I have spent the last six years honing it in the real world of implementing transformational change and it forms the basis of the Team Excelerator approach. I have learnt that it is not only these three things that are important, but that the linkages between them are incredibly powerful in releasing the potential of organisations to achieve their goals. I also learnt that like most things in life it is not as simple to put these things in place as it may seem on the surface – which I guess is why in most organisations it doesn’t come together.

In future blogs over the coming weeks we will expand on each part of this model and how they fit together. There is one other element that I have learnt needs to be added to the model – more on this to come too!

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